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  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses
  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses
  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses

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Hi Rich, 
I hope that this email finds you well and your hand healed and strong.  
Just writing to let you know that I took the Salesperson exam yesterday and passed.
It was a fun live spring 2021 May class.  Thank you so much for your knowledge, humor and encouragement.
Kindest regards,
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School Policies

Note: Massachusetts requires students to attend 100% of lectures to be issued a completion candidate handbook.
No obligation policy refers to the first 3 hours of an introductory class only.
1. Cancellation & Refund Policy (Salespersons and Broker Classes)
  • Any full tuition student who fails to notify the school three business days prior to start date -no refund.
    An administration fee of $50.00 will be charged in all other situations for full paid students only below in "table 1"

a) Course can be split into two weekend (4)days. Four (4) day Weekend program: No show or notice -no refund. There is a $50 transfer fee to continue. One day class change due to weather postponement or instructor emergencies - No Refund.
b) Non-weekend programs: Notification of three business days prior to start date -no cost for the first transfer from any program to another. Second or more transfers there will be a $50.00 charge. -no show $50 fee and no refund.
c) In order to receive a textbook refund it must be returned to Lee Institute within 14 days unmarked and not damaged or cost of textbook will be deducted. If course is cancelled by the school there are no amount of days required holding the textbook however to receive a textbook refund it must be returned to the school prior to a cancellation refund.  
d) Any student who registers with partial payment -no refund.  After beginning the course, tuition must be paid in full up to 20 hours of lecture, no exceptions. The student is still responsible for full tuition in a no show situation.  Partial payments are only refundable 1st day of registration.
e) No refund after first transfer or registration has been on hold applies to all programs.  

2. Cancellation, Transfer & Refund Policy (Cont. Ed. Only) a) Notice of withdrawal three business days prior to start date $25.00 administration fee.
b) If no notice three days prior to start date – no refund.
c) No refund after first transfer -No show $25 fee and no refund.
d) Refunds requested at any time after transferring will be subject to $25 administrative.  
3. Cancellation & Refund Policy (Appraisal Only) a) Notice of withdrawal three business days prior to start dates $50.00 administration fee and no refund & cost of course materials. No Show Weekend only $50 fee to continue.
b) If no notice three days prior to start date –no refund. No show no refund
c) Any registration transferred to ON HOLD prior, during or after class -no refund.
4. Cancellation, Transfer & Refund Policy (Mortgage Only) a) Cut off date or registration date must be 5 days prior to start date with 100% less administration & textbooks/materials but if course is cancelled by school less textbooks/materials.
b) Any registration after cut-off dates no refund but can enroll in another class.
c) Program changes for transfers with notice prior to 7 business days are subject to $50.00 fee in all cases. Tuition is transferable up to and not exceeding 90 days from enrollment date. ALL CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
Completion Policy (Live Instruction - Salesperson, Brokers Only and Makeup Class Time Missed)

Audio/CD Instruction
Video Instruction (Computer Courses)

a) If the tuition is paid in full the student has 90 days to complete the course at no additional charge otherwise after 90 days the student must begin the registration process once again and pay full tuition. Before the 90 days expire the student must contact the school if more time is needed to complete their course by placing their registration for On-Hold status therefore the student has up to one(1) year of notifing the school for their completion.  All Audio/CD registrations have one(1) year to complete their course no exceptions.
b) There is a $50 cost for any examination replacement completion certificate issued.
c) Audio makeup for Salesperson and Brokers only! ALL MAKEUPS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!
d) Video makeup for Salesperson and Brokers only! (Please visit our Video Program Policy)
e) Important Salesperson and Broker student information: Any student who enrolls in any real estate pre-license course will not receive a refund if they have held a salesperson or broker license in the state of Massachusetts and will not be certified to be tested for licensing. One must complete 12 hours of continuing education and call the Real Estate Licensing Board to activate an expired or lapsed license. Tuition paid can be credited toward any of our 12 hours of continuing education programs.
6. Repeat Policy (Salesperson, Brokers Only) a) Any candidate booklet (Completion Booklet) issued to a student after completing their course will expire 24 months from the date of completion, therefore any student who completes their course has up to 60 days from completion to retake the course at no cost without having to show test results. If the time exceeds 60 days up to one(1) year, the course then can be retaking or repeated at no cost but evidence of test results must be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the school first before joining in a new course. After certification any student willing to retake the course due to any reason and if the period of time extends past one year up to two years of their completion certificate date then the student must pay 1/2 (one-half) price to retake the course. In all cases a new text book will not be issued.  
b) There is a $50 cost for any examination replacement completion certificate issued.
7. Cancellation (Brokers, Salesperson, Appraisal, Mortgage and CE Only) a) If the school is forced to cancel a class the student is entitled to full refund less textbook or may transfer, hold or offer their credit to other students up to 1(One) year of registration date. Any course cancellation can occur within 48 hours of start time.  ALL CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
8. Payment Plan The registration fee is not refundable and a service fee of $10 is added.
9. Tuition Pricing All tuition costs are subject to change.
10. Returned Checks There will be a $50 service charge for returned checks.  
Online Course Completion Policy
(Continuing Education Only) 
Your registered courses with the Lee Institute will eventually expire. Any course that is registered will have one year to start. If user purchases course and starts, they have 90 days to complete. Once user completes, or runs out of time it goes to history. You will always be able to reprint certificate, but only with completion dates not date of print.
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