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Testimonials - Real Estate Pre-License Live Lecture Classes

Dehlia E.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Dehlia-E
Hi Rich, 
I hope that this email finds you well and your hand healed and strong.  
Just writing to let you know that I took the Salesperson exam yesterday and passed.
It was a fun live spring 2021 May class.  Thank you so much for your knowledge, humor and encouragement.
Kindest regards,
Rich Viau
Real Estate classes Testimonials Rich-Viau
Hi Rich, I completed my course on September 18, 2016. I'm happy to say that I passed both sections of the salesperson exam on the first try within two weeks after my course at Lee Institute. I have to give the instructors at Lee, including yourself, a lot of credit. I felt fully prepared and confident on exam day. So thank you for everything! I recommend anyone looking to prepare themselves for the salesperson exam to take this course. -Rich Viau
David Berman
Real Estate classes Testimonials David-Berman

Hi Rich,

Just wanted to let you know I was able to pass the brokers exam today. I appreciate all the help you gave me during the brokers course and while preparing the bond a few days ago. My experience with the Lee Institute has been awesome!

Thank you,

David B

Nicholas Perrotta
Real Estate classes Testimonials Nicholas-Perrotta

 Hi Rich

Just dropping you a note to let you know that after successfully completing your course in early September, I took the Ma. license test today and passed.

Wanted to also inform you that I felt very prepared after taking your online course. Also thanks so much for always responding immediately with any questions I may of had.

Real Estate classes Testimonials Diane

Hi Rich,

I passed the exam last week.  I emailed you about the on line exams, but ended up using both of them anyway.  They were helpful.  I was the girl who spent some time with you off class time and came for a weekend of your lectures.

First try and all !  Thanks for your help.  Now if only I can get my employer to sort things out.

Thanks again,

Dianne Olszewski 

Myles Murphy
Real Estate classes Testimonials Myles-Murphy

Rich, passed the test the first time taking it. The webinars were awesome!! I learned so much. Being able to go back and review the videos was outstanding. I will highly recommend this program to all.

Thanks so much. Myles

Michael R.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Michael-R

Hey Rich you may remember me it's been a few weeks but I wanted to take the time to thankyou for your teaching and classroom structure . Thanks to Lee Institute I  was able to pass on the first try 1 week after completing school. I have already began working and I am excited.
Thanks again
Mike Robinson

Lic #9535550 

Nancy C.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Nancy-C

Hi Richard,

I took the test this morning and passed on my first attempt. Thank you so much for your help. Your class was incredibly informative and structured in a way that helped me be completely prepared for any question on the exam.

I would recommend the Lee School to anybody who's considering taking the MA sales persons licensing exam. 

Thank you

Nancy Collins

Ken Dill
Real Estate classes Testimonials Ken-Dill

Hi Rich_


Just wanted to let you know that I passed the broker exam this evening . . . thanks for the help.


Best regards,


Kenneth I. Dill



Cresa Providence The Tenant's Advantage

400 Westminster Street, Suite 42 | Providence, RI 02903
Bao Diep
Real Estate classes Testimonials Bao-Diep



Thank you very much and i had passed the test.

Bao Diep

License # 9533470

W. Baker
Real Estate classes Testimonials W-Baker


I have my license. Thanks for being an excellent instructor/teacher.


Wilton Baker 

Real Estate classes Testimonials Yuri

Good Evening Richard,

This is Yuri Asawasittikit and i remember that you mentioned to let you know when any of us pass the exam. I finished your course on August 19 and I passed the exam on August 29, thank you so much for your coaching.



Jen S.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Jen-S

The Lee Institute did a great job of preparing me to take the real estate licensing exam. The instructors covered the material at the appropriate depth for the test, went a good pace to help the material sink in and gave us informal practice quizzes and tests that resembled the actual test. Our take home book and cheat sheet were very helpful. It would have been nice if the instructors were a little more familiar with the every day practice of real estate, but that isn't necessary to prepare for the test. Overall it was a great experience. After taking the course and one night and morning of review, I passed the test easily. Thank you


Salesperson Lic# 9533303

H. Donnelly
Real Estate classes Testimonials H-Donnelly


I wanted to thank you personally. I passed the Real Estate Exam. I could not have accomplished this without the help of your teaching methods. I remembered a ton from your class that you can't get by just reading the book.

Again thank you and will be referring Lee Institute to anyone looking to get into RE.

Best Regards,

P.H. Donnelly 

John C.
Real Estate classes Testimonials John-C

Place is great. Convenient location and great staff. Just completed the audio course which was great and it worked around my hectic work schedule. Easy to sign up and easy parking right out back. I've had friends take the real estate course at other locations and they weren't very satisfied. Highly recommended.

John C.

Nancy Griffin
Real Estate classes Testimonials Nancy-Griffin

Hi Peter:

      I left the class, last Sunday, without grabbing your business card so i hope this email finds you. I wanted to drop you a note to thank you! I learned a great deal from you and I am very happy that i was placed in your class. I took the Salesperson exam yesterday and i got my license.

Thank you very much for preparing me for the exam, I am very grateful!

N Griffin

Lojos B.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Lojos-B

Thank you for the great course! Last Saturday I passed the test with flying colors.

Best regards,
Salesperson Lic# 9524115
Lou T.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Lou-T

I took your MA Salesperson class from 6/14- 6/17. Just wanted to send a quick thanks for a great session, and per your request, to let you know that i passed the test today first try. If i remember correctly you asked for some feedback on test questions. Overall I thought the overage for the 80 questions general section was 100% perfect - there wasn't a single question to my recollection that wasn't covered well in the class or in the book.

Again, I thought the course was well taught and covered the questions quite well - thank you!!

Lou Talarico
Lic# 9524104
Anny Q.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Anny-Q

I signed up for the Real Estate Brokers course last minute because I wanted to get my Broker's license before the requirements changed in June 1, 2011. Richard aka "Lee" answered the phone and gave me as much info as he could under lots of pressure from the high demand for classes. I signed up for classes and started a few days later. I enrolled in the audio lessons for I found that the quick weekend or weekday class did not help me learn.

I received a very good book, which I read thoroughly a week before the exam. His book, obviously was put together by a real knowledgeable person with years of experience which was better than other books I received when I took my Real Estate Agent classes elsewhere. It was also better than another book I received for the same class when I was doing my continuing education credits at another school; this other cont.ed. school made me sit through the half of a R.E. Agent course in order to get my cont.ed.credits and I felt it was a waste of my time and money. If I have to invest time and money in education I rather it be worth it. While listening to my audio tapes at Lee Institute, I had the opportunity to sit in on a cont. ed. class and I have to say, it was better than the one I paid for a year ago somewhere else. The information given enlighten and gave me insight and knowledge of other topics I was unaware of; if it wasn't because I had to focus on my Broker ed. I would have loved to have sat in that class. 

The audio tapes and the books were excellent. I could listen to the tapes at my own pace. My favorite tape was the one where I was walked through how to calculate R.E. math in ways that I believe would be helpful in this business, and which also came in handy during the exam. The questions in the back of every chapter were also very helpful. I am so grateful with the way "Lee" walked me through everything. It was a one man show, and he did his best! I took the class for one week, went for my Broker exam and passed it! If you put in the time and study all the material they give you, you are guaranteed to pass the exam. From now on, Lee Institute is my Real Estate Institute and I will surely take all my Continuing Education and other interesting classes they offer like Commercial Real Estate at their establishment. Anny Quiñones Gloryrealestate@gmail.com

Trinh Ho
Real Estate classes Testimonials Trinh-Ho
Lee Institute was great! My instructor was in the Norwood site and he related his real life real estate stories to the reading material which  is a great strategy for the other students and myself to be able to remember the moral. Money well spent!!
Trinh Ho
Chantal C.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Chantal-C

Lee Institute gave me the support and confidence to progress myself to a higher education professionally. They have changed my lifestyle into working for a wonderful career and positive opportunity along the road ahead. I had a really great experience and would refer this school to many others.

Chantal C.

David W. Elliott
Real Estate classes Testimonials David-W-Elliott

I took the sales class here in 2009 in accelerated weekend and passed first time. When I went to take the Broker class my timing was best for the audio class.  At first I was a little disappointed not to have a "live" class, but after taking the class at my own pace over the last 3 weeks I think it was a great way to offer the class. I feel the information had time to sink in and I was able to take the chapter tests in between the times I could get there to do the tapes and CDs.  
I would highly recommend this format to anyone with a busy schedule.
Thank you !

David W. Elliott

RE Broker


Annie M. K.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Annie-M-K

Lee Institute prepared me for the Sales Person's Real Estate Class in the late 80's and I have returned every 2 years since then to take their Continuing Ed classes!  Wouldn't think of going anywhere else! They have amazing teachers and make what could be a very long day, fly by! Looking forward to their continued success! They are considered the VERY BEST by professionals in my field, and it's not surprising!


License # 97148

Samantha S.
Real Estate classes Testimonials Samantha-S

I couldn't be happier with Lee!!! Choosing lee was a no brainer, everyone I spoke to told me I HAD to go there, and I'm happy I did. The textbook was amazing, the instructors were helpful and entertaining, and the prep was exactly what I needed to pass on my first try. The state only requires 40 hours of classroom education, but if you're trying to pass an exam you obviously need to study extra on your own, so if people aren't passing that must be why. Everything on the exam was in the book, and the chapter questions helped so much. The instructors gave us everything we needed, which was great because there were no surprises. I bought other test prep books from barns and noble, but they weren't as up to date and weren't as similar to the actual test like Lee's textbook was. So i only wasted my money with the other books. Everyone else in my class seemed to get a great experience like me. My only tip is STUDY the material, if you know the textbook you'll pass the exam, simple as that. I'm going back to Lee for further education, and I'm actually really excited about it!

Samantha S. 

Tasha Stockwell
Real Estate classes Testimonials Tasha-Stockwell

Hi there!

I took a class at Lee Institute about a month ago with Rich my instructor and i just wanted to let you know i was VERY pleased with my experience. I'm sure you remember me, I'm mostly likely the only student that brought a four foot giraffe to class haha, sorry if that was an inconvenience!

I took my exam last week and passed on my first try! I found the class was very helpful and the textbook was EXTREMELY useful to study with as it was the main resource that helped me pass. I will be back for further education and hopefully for my broker lessons!

Thank you SO much, and keep up the good work!


Tasha stockwell

Ken Zhao
Real Estate classes Testimonials Ken-Zhao

I took the two weekend 40-hour salesperson course offered at Lee Institute.  While it was grueling to sit in a classroom for 10 hours a day, the material was very straight forward and my instructor, Richard, was very accommodating. You receive plenty of breaks to stretch out and eat, and there is a complimentary water cooler in the back of the classroom. During my course, some of the class time was cut off due to weather issues (snow). Richard was still able to finish instructing while answering the many, many questions that we had. For my $390, I was offered the course, a textbook, and a final test that we took at the end. If you study from the textbook they give you properly, I guarantee that you will pass the exam on your first try. This class is designed to help students pass the exam, and it did just that for me.

Ken Zhao

Real Estate classes Testimonials Siriluk
The school is excellent! I found the instructor and customer service to be excellent. I spoke with Rich over the phone for 20 minute regarding the new Mass law changes he was so kind and patience. I referred 2 of my friends to the Lee Institute. I found Leon to be excellent. The book they use is a great reading tool for the exam. You definitely need to know the terms in the book or you may have trouble understanding the state questions. It took me two times but i pass. The first time i didn't study hard. Thank you Lee Institute. See you for my continuing Ed
George Ubaha
Real Estate classes Testimonials George-Ubaha
Hi Mr Richard,
I want to let you know that i passed both sections of the Salesperson exam and obtained my license the same day.
Thank you for your good coaching and extra time you and Mr. Peter put into making us clear of previously vague issues. I am working with EXIT Realty.
George Ubaha
EXIT Homequest Realty
Lic # 9530254

Dimitrios Fotiadis
Real Estate classes Testimonials Dimitrios-Fotiadis
I would like to express my gratitude to you, Rich and the Lee Institute for helping to prepare me for taking and passing the Salesperson R.E. exam.
It was a pleasure attending your class. Also i would like to express my gratitude to Rich for his very valuable words of wisdom as to how to best approach taking the test. You have been doing this for a long time, and that means that you like dealing with people. Your humor is an asset to you and to the institute. I am currently working with KCP Realty in West Roxbury (709 VFW Parkway) and looking forward to doing some deals.
Dimitrious Fotiadis

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