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  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses
  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses

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Yes, the Lee Institute is approved to offer this program in real time and is approved by the Massachusetts Real Estate Board. 
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Live Lecture Classes for Brokers Pre-Licensing Course

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An applicant for a Broker license must be a licensed salesperson and must have been actively associated with a real estate Broker for at least three years and 25 hours of work week experience. Applicants must complete 40-hours of classroom training and pass the state examination. It is important that all students taking the Broker's course must file a $5000.00 bond with the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons prior to issuance of license. The cost of this bond is $50.00 for a five year bond insurance policy. The bonding company is the Western Surety/CNA Surety Company affiliated with the Richard A. Giovangelo Agency here at the Lee Institute where you can arrange for your bond. The student must contact the testing agency first to set a date for their examination. To expedite the bonding process the new broker student must provide Mr. Giovangelo with the confirmation number issue to them from the testing agency. All other brokers who are renewing their bond can call the bonding department at the Lee Institute between normal business hours Monday through Friday to arrange for their bond.    

$420.00 including textbook and all study materials.

Any completion certificate issued to any Lee Institute Broker students that have been lost, damaged or misplaced is subject to a $50 replacement cost!

Brokers Supervised CD Audio Course
(in Brookline office M-F, 10AM-4PM)


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BEWARE:  To All Real Estate Broker Students! 

It has come to our attention that some schools in the Boston area claim to offer “broker courses,” however, those same schools may fail to mention that they “combine” both, salesperson and broker students in the same class, which, in accordance to the Massachusetts Real Estate Board, is in violation and said schools should be reported.

All real estate course outlines are submitted to the Massachusetts Real Estate Board for approval and consist of specific educational information that is intended to provide the student with the knowledge necessary to pass the state exam.

If you, or someone you know encounters a real estate school that offers a broker course, be sure to ask if the course is combined with a salesperson course.  Should you come across a school that offers a combined salesperson and broker course, please notify the Massachusetts Real Estate Board immediately (617) 727-2373.

A fully accredited, trustworthy source: Only select companies that have been evaluated and confirmed to meet the program standards for good business practices online are allowed to display these marks. We encourage you to confirm our outstanding status by clicking on any of these resources.