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  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses
  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses
  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses

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Hi Rich, 
I hope that this email finds you well and your hand healed and strong.  
Just writing to let you know that I took the Salesperson exam yesterday and passed.
It was a fun live spring 2021 May class.  Thank you so much for your knowledge, humor and encouragement.
Kindest regards,
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SUMMER SPECIAL Online Salesperson 40 hour Course - only $275
Online Salesperson 
40 hour course 
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**ONLINE Continuing Education
First Time Home Buyers Course
So, You Want to Buy A House! This is exactly what you need prior to embarking on your search for your very first home.  Sure, there are plenty of “free” first time homebuyer workshops from which to choose but are they really free? 
Our Recent Enrollment Announcement & Recent Test Scores and Pass Ratio!!
The Lee Institute performance summary report is derived from statistics for FIRST TIME test takers ONLY and is based upon the school codes provide to Pearson Vue by the examination candidates.
Massachusetts has a new testing service for any candidate qualified to sit for the salesperson real estate exam.  Now you can download the candidate handbook for Massachusetts by clicking the URL link on this new page. 
Massachusetts has a new testing service for any candidate qualified to sit for the broker real estate exam.  Now you can download the candidate handbook for Massachusetts by clicking the URL link on this new page.  
Online Real Estate Education
The courses are LOADED with over 800 practice exam questions and final exams as well as over 330 video clips and powerpoint presentation displays outline for each video. The students will also experience the most ultimate preparation in real estate training found in online technology TODAY!!  All students will receive a copy of our newest 13th edition textbook after completing their registration. To get a feel of the course outline and syllabus simply peek inside by clicking on our textbook and view content.
Lee Institute Textbook - 14th Edition
All students who complete their course will be able to print out the certificate of completion from their own computer.
If you are interested in your real estate license and you had purchase our training course, you can join in any of our real estate 40 hour LIVE or AUDIO/CD pre-licensing courses at the Lee Institute at NO COST at ANYTIME!! That is Right!!! NO COST!!. Once you have successfully registered for the course simply contact us by phone, email or fax and Lee Institute will transfer you into the next available course. Since Massachusetts does not recognize online pre-licensing courses for preparation of the state exam, this training will provide you the background and most convenient way of passing your exam, the Lee Institute can guarantee this!!          
Attention Mortgage Students!!!
Prepare for the NMLS Mortgage Licensing Exam by accessing our NMLS Exam Tutor by clicking our NMLS Exam Tutor with over 600 online practice questions.
NEW!! - 15 Edition Textbook
For the most part, the text covers the "general" practice of real estate such as the principles and practices which are applicable in all states. Customs and laws which differ from the "general" practice or may be peculiar to Massachusetts are appropriately indicated in each chapter. In addition, Chapter 14 is completely devoted to the Massachusetts real estate licensing laws and other topics relating to Massachusetts. While the information in the chapters are powerful tools in the field of study, all of it may not be necessarily found on the state exam. We do recommend that the students read all the chapters and become fluent with the subject matter. 
Each chapter contains a list of key words and phrases and a self-evaluating quiz. The key words will assist the reader in organizing a study plan in preparation for the state license examination. The importance of doing the chapter quizzes cannot be over-emphasized. The quizzes not only gauge the reader's progress in understanding the subject matter, they also expose the reader to the form and type of questions, which are likely to appear on the state examination. Also we recommend as well to all our students to focus primarily on the (Note) alerts pointed out and illustrated in most chapters as a key study to knowing the material in preparation for the state exam. The Glossary and Index are the result of a great deal of effort and research. They provide the reader with a concise definition of the various terminologies used in this book as well as a page reference to where the material is located.
As with any text, this book is not intended to be the sole source of material in preparation for entering the real estate business. The reader is encouraged to consult other publications as well as professionals and experts in the field. The student should select a course of instruction, which stimulates a desire to learn and brings additional material into the classroom to supplement the text.  
MA Online CE Available
More than 12 hours of Online Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons continuing education courses for Massachusetts. Click here to View Our Online Courses.
NMLS Approved
This pre-license course is designed for all non-exempt mortgage professionals.

A fully accredited, trustworthy source: Only select companies that have been evaluated and confirmed to meet the program standards for good business practices online are allowed to display these marks. We encourage you to confirm our outstanding status by clicking on any of these resources.