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  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses
  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses

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Residential New Construction : Online Course


Credit Hours: 2 Course Fee: $20

Residential New Construction

RE Online Course: Residential-New-Construction

This course is specifically designed for real estate brokers and salespersons engaged in the practice of brokerage involving the building, remodeling,/altering of residential real estate. The course will discuss the Section 203(k) program which is the Federal Department's primary program for the rehabilitation and repair of single family properties. Discussed first are the preliminaries to construction, such as: selecting an architect and contractor, drafting proposed building plans and specifications, when a contractor’s license is or is not needed, insurance considerations, and the local building and permitting process. Additional topics include potential local zoning issues affecting construction and alteration of both new and existing dwellings, warranties, sales agreements and financing issues encountered by the seller, broker and buyer of residential real estate. The course concludes with an overview of the Massachusetts Subdivision Control Law and the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act as well as other Federal, State and local laws and regulations affecting the development of land.

RE46R05 : Massachusetts


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