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Real Estate Online Courses - Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) make it easy for you to find answers to your most pressing inquiries related to Real Estate Online Courses, Continuing Education and Real Estate Pre-License. If you can't find your answer here, please feel free to contact us.
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General Continuing Education Questions
State wise Continuing Education Questions
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State wise Pre-License Questions

State wise Continuing Education Questions

1. How long does it take to finish the courses for continuing education in Massachusetts?

Well each course is usually 2 hours in duration but some can be more. Please look at the course description link to determine the durated amount of time.

2. When do I get my certificate and can I print them out from my own computer after I complete the course?

You must complete the course first. The system will prompt you to the next step. Once you complete the course evaluation forms then you must complete the avidavit by your initial. At this time the certificate is created and then you can print it out right from your own computer.

3. Why do I have to do 12 hours of continuing ed in Massachusetts?

It is the Law!! In order to renew your real estate license you must complete 12 of continuing education from an approved school licensed by the Massachusetts real estate board.

4. Does the Massachusetts Real Estate Board really audit for proof of course completion?

YES!! There are many who are audited weekly and of course that depends upon the authorization of the board's decision. In case you are audited you can simply print your certificates from your computer and submit them upon request to the board as proof of evidence. If you fail to complete your courses you must renew your license as inactive and if you fail to complete your courses and renew as active then you will be subject to license suspension or revoke after an audit. So please be sure to renew as active by completing your 12 hours of course CEs.

5. How much time do I have to complete my continuing education?

All licensees in real estate must complete their 12 hours of continuing education every 24 months of a renewal cycle. The renewal date begins on the date of your birthday and extends to the time period of 2 years or more as prorated by the board.

6. While taking my course how do I know when the time expires?

In the course the timer will time you out after spending the appropriate time to complete the course. So be patience!! The timer will trigger two florescent green buttons showing your choice to be quizzed or tested or to skip to the next group of chapters or continue with the evaluation step towards the certificate.

7. Are there test for the courses?

Yes but you do not have to do them. We give you the option to test your knowledge and have fun.

8. What happens if my timer does not time properly?

You may have to contact the Lee Institute in any case the timer indicates an issue. However, our experience is that we discovered that the computers having this issue are older computers and require proper settings. Please be sure to contact us ASAP in case you experience this problem. We are always here to find the root to all issues concerning our users.  

9. How long does my course stay in my account?

Forever!! Please note that those courses that are not completed or opened will be deleted from your account up to a specific time period. Our completion policy http://online.leeinstitute.com/CourseListNew.aspx can be found on this page and clicking the completion policy link.

10. What if I cannot print my certificates or I cannot upload them?

You may need a new acrobat reader and version 9 needs to be uploaded. We have experienced users with certain operating systems that have had this problem. Please try another computer if not please contact us and we would be happy to mail out your certificates.

11. My license is inactive. How do i get it active again?
You will need to complete the 12 hours of continuing education first and then you will need to contact the Massachusetts real estate board at 617-727-2373 - Opt 6. Please note that the reactivation form must be filled out to order to bring your license back to current status. 

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