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  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses
  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses

Preparing Massachusetts Real Estate Professionals Since 1956

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Yes, the Lee Institute is approved to offer this program in real time and is approved by the Massachusetts Real Estate Board. 
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Connecticut Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Courses Information

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CT Department of Consumer Protection for Real Estate Licensing

Real Estate Principles and Practices I (CT) Course Outline

  • Rights:
    • Personal v Real Property
    • Elements of Fixtures
    • Bundle of Rights
    • Rights of others
      • Government
      • Rights of Others
    • Easements
    • Estates
    • Forms of Ownership
      • Condo
      • Coops
      • Timeshares
    • Alienation and transferring of these rights
    • Title
      • Warranties
      • Defects i.e. Color or Cloud
  • Appraisal Process:
    • Basic Appraisal Principles
    • Elements of Value
    • Characteristics of value
    • Forces which Create value
    • Economic Forces that Affect Value
    • Types of appraisals
      • Market Approach
      • Cost Approach
      • Income Approach
      • Gross rent multipliers
    • Steps in the Appraisal Process
  • Contract Law:
    • Contract elements
    • Contract types and terminology
    • Types of Contracts
      • Listing
      • Sales
  • Agency Relationships' and fiduciary responsibilities:
    • Sellers
    • Buyers
    • Duel
    • Agent v subagent
    • Broker v co broker
  • Property Conditions and disclosures:
    • Environmental issues
    • Material and other disclosures
    • Lead Paint
    • UFFI
    • Septic and private water
  • Fair Housing Laws:
    • Americans with disability act
    • Sherman anti trust
    • Marketing controls
  • Financing:
    • Mortgage deeds and notes
    • Sources of financing
    • Types of loans
    • Lender requirement
  • Settlement Sheets HUD 1:
  • Leases and property management:
    • Leasehold Estates
    • Types of leases
    • Property management
  • Brokerage:
    • Escrow funds
    • Agent/Subagent relationships
    • Advertising
    • Ethical and business practices
  • Connecticut Laws Rules and Regulations:
    To include:
    • Duties and obligations under State Law
    • Licensing Requirements
    • Statutory Requirements
    • All other mandated State Law

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