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  • Real-estate-classes-online-courses-exam-preparation-pre-licensing-courses

Preparing Massachusetts Real Estate Professionals Since 1956

45-Hour Approved Online Real Estate Training!

 Your Rhode Island Real Estate License is Three Steps Away

With Over 45 Hours of Video Lectures the Student Can Now Enjoy Their Class as They Make Their Step Toward Completing the 45 Hour Requirement for the State of Rhode Island.  We Provide Classic Real Estate Video Instruction and We Will Make it Enjoyable While You Complete the Requirements in Preparation for the Rhode Island Real Estate License Exam. 



Standard   Gold   Professional  
Standard Package - Included in this package the 1st edition Rhode Island edoc PowerPoint slides & exams to help the student reference the real estate principles and practices pertaining to the state license examination.   
Gold - Included in this package is the 1st edition of the Lee Institute Rhode Island eBook and many practice questions to help prepare the student to pass the state exam.
  Professional Package - Includes in this package is the real estate math,  3 hour RI license law course and more than 1500 practice questions, for the students additional study material. Rhode Island 1st Edition textbook, RI Exam PowerPoint slides,   
$ 349   $ 450   $ 515  
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The Lee Institute is the leader in quality when it comes to real estate education. Unlike other real estate schools, our pre-licensing program is online real time instruction with over 700 challenging practice questions outlined and detailed throughout the entire course. The Lee Institute provides a new and innovative method of instruction of real estate principles and practices by using the latest in computer technology.


 The Lee Institute will provide the students with the proper education in preparing for a professional career. Without the proper education, many agents who enter into the field of real estate, may find it difficult in earning an income due to the lack of knowledge and experience necessary to succeed. This tends to discourage the agent while training in the business. To avoid such fustration or by giving up with the industry, the Lee Institute will take the steps in helping you learn the key factors in making money. Thousands of our student have become successful realtors making not just 5 or 6 figures but the magic number 7.  With our online program we will not only prepare you to pass the state exam but educate you on the real ethics needed to become the most successful agent you can be. 

The content in this course is timed. Each group and lesson will show the credit time below this page. The student must complete the time spend shown as the credit time in order to move to the next group or lesson. When beginning there will be chapters along with previous and next buttons to click.  All groups will have a least one chapter to view. Please view the content as it is important to understand the outline displayed in the video and audio files. So let’s get started.

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Download the state of Rhode Island real estate candidate handbook 

Our Whole new Tradition in Preparing for the Rhode Island Examination!
It now got easier to complete the 45 hours necessary in preparation for your Rhode Island real estate license. In our webinars and online supervised video programs, you can now interact with the instructor in real time online at home or anywhere.  Our online RI real estate course has all the tools needed as if you were in the classroom studing for your exam.  The interface Zoom system and our own interface .net design specifically for Lee Institute website we use, provides classroom interaction and many features such as video, exams and whiteboard PowerPoint slides so that you obtain the education similar as if you were physically in a live classroom setting.  The greatest feature about our course is that they are taught by the most experienced and professional instructor you will find on any online program while providing the best preparation for the Rhode Island state exam.
Now you can Complete Your Course Without a Struggle!
Since we are the most experienced and reputable school in Rhode Island for real estate training, our textbook provides prime product information in preparing for your exam. Our newest 1st edition textbook consist 20 chapters including real estate math, along with over 450 pages of detail information in real estate principles and in all being pertinent for the general and state exam's mutiple choice questions. 
Our classes are taught online and are consistent with our textbook chapters. Each class will include chapters along with open time for questions, videos and exams. Our webinar system consist of many other features e.g, the ability for the students to ask questions during the time period of the lectures.  Upon the completion of this course the student will have viewed over 330 videos displayed each with a PowerPoint slide explanation. The Lee Institute provides an excited learning tool by allowing each student to replay video and audio files. This method is proven to help the student understand the lectures easier than if in a classroom setting. This class is design to get you the information to pass the Rhode Island salesperson examination not on the second, third or fourth time you take it but on the first time that’s our goal. The outstanding feature about it all are that the lectures are recorded so that the student may retake or replay video in any lecture that were missed, in order completed the 45 hours of pre-license classes. You can set your own pace and complete your real estate course in convenient times. Once registered, the student will have up to one year to start the course and once you start you will have 60 days to complete the course 
Our Course is not Only the Smart Choice its the right Choice!!  
Rhode Island real estate license catalogue read more: SCHOOL CATALOG

For more information please contact our Administration office by calling 800-649-0008.

The Lee Institute Rhode Island Real Estate Pre-license course is approved by the

Rhode Island State Board and the Rhode Island Real Estate Commission. The Lee Institute is 

With our video instruction you can't wrong! We can prove we are the best in preparing for your career as a Rhode Island Real estate agent? Let's get started.  

Rhode Island Real Estate License Requirements 

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